shutterstock_145104985smYOU have the power to shape your child’s future.

Did you know that every time we interact with our children, their brains are growing the foundation upon which all future learning is built?

Sometimes, as parents, we feel too busy. But we can decide to help our children during everyday moments that we already have. We know it makes a difference.  When parents respond to and talk with young children, we are growing brain neural connections. The first few years of life, 1,000,000 new neural connections are formed in the brain every second! Hard to imagine, but you read that right!

What can I do?  We all have the power to turn everyday moments into Brain Building moments!  Connect, Talk More, and Take Turns talking back and forth with your child in the everyday moments we already have- mealtime, getting dressed, diaper changes, reading a book, riding in the car. Scientists call it serve and return.

How about a personal trainer for the brain? The Daily Vroom App offers simple and fun ways to build your child’s brain. Download the app today. 

Featured App: Daily Vroom

vroom-app-logoDaily Vroom delivers a personalized brain building activity for your child every day. Each tip is paired with a science-based Brainy Background explaining how the activity supports your child’s brain development. Whether it’s counting cars at the bus stop, learning about textures at the grocery store, or talking about shapes during snacktime, Daily Vroom offers imaginative ways to make the most of your family’s everyday routines.

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Serve and Return Interaction Shapes Brain Circuitry (video plays on linked page)
Talking to Baby with Dr. Dana Suskind (video plays on linked page)