RSG Kids Take Action

RSG kids share booksWhat if we all do something that will change everything? 

Third graders at Adams School took the challenge to get little ones ready for kindergarten. Under the direction of music teacher Sarah Guilford, they wrote and illustrated a children’s book, BINGO. BINGO is a delightful book to be read to and sung with children from birth to age 6. The students cleverly included every letter of the alphabet in the names of the many different animals. RSG Kids shared their book with preschool children on the last day of school. Each RSG Kid and each preschool child received a copy of the book.  Kindergarten classrooms, school libraries, Cheerful Home, and families who visit the Adams County Health Department also received copies of the book.   To receive a copy of BINGO, call the Regional Office of Education at 277-2080RSG project manager 2014_2