Quincy Medical Group partners with Ready Set Grow Adams County

QMG RSG posed_2Quincy Medical Group  physicians are giving all two-year-olds a book during their well child appointments, thanks to Quincy Medical Group Healthcare Foundation. How exciting that the book is BINGO, written by local third grade Ready Set Grow (RSG) Kids.

“This book is a great tool for all young children learning to speak, learning to recognize letters, and learning to read,” said Dr. Mero with Quincy Medical Group. “Reading to children is so important, even as babies and this book enables parents to read with song.”

“The time to prepare children to learn is from the age of  0-3 years old,” said Dr. Katherine Collins, pediatrician at QMG.  “From a medical standpoint, as parents sing, talk, and read to children, the brain cells create links among each other and become stronger.  The opportunity for creating the foundation for reading begins in the earliest years.  We hope to educate and begin this process from the start with parents.”

A big thanks to Quincy Medical Group.


RSG BINGO front cover