Let’s Talk!

Blessing Hospital  and Passavant Hospital are leading the way. Nurses share the message of responding to babies and talking with babies. Nurses model talking with and responding to Baby as they teach swaddling , change diapers, and teach bathing. Each new parent receives a baby wipe box with “Let’s Talk!” on the box,  encouraging new parents to respond to and talk with their babies. Every time parents use one of the 1,600+ diaper wipes gifted yearly they remember the information they learned from their nurse. They also find practical ways to talk with their newborns on their “Let’s Talk” card that accompanies their wipe boxes.

Let's Talk!

Adams County, Brown County, Pike County,  Morgan County, Scott County, Schuyler County, Hancock County, McDonough County, Greene County, and Cass County Health Department nurses give a “Let’s Talk!” onesie to new babies during home visits or office visits. The nurses visit with the parent about the power of connecting, responding and talking with their baby. The “Let’s Talk!” onesie helps remind busy parents that there are many opportunities to talk back and forth with their baby.

Women Infant Children (WIC) staff give each parent a “Let’s Talk about Food!” bib.  Meal time is a great time to connect and talk with babies and toddlers.

Local health departments, clinics, childcare centers, and agencies share the Daily Vroom App with parents. What an easy way to get daily ideas for brain-building during everyday moments.

Did you know that when babies babble, make faces, cry and gesture they are trying to talk to us? When we talk back and forth with babies we are helping their brains grow. Scientists know that the interaction literally shapes the architecture of the developing brain. By age 2 babies who are spoken with often are already six months ahead in vocabulary. That is 25% ahead of their peers.

“Diapering and bathing times are great examples of times when you can engage in social interactions. Sing, hug, rock, coo, smile – all of these are loving interactions that help infants feel secure enough to learn. These early experiences are so important and meaningful; they help encourage bonding, and are the beginning of the important relationship(s) that children need to build strong attachments and thrive in their development.” Illinois Early Learning Guidelines

Parents have the power to shape their children’s futures!