Let’s Read!

Adams County, Brown County, Pike County, Morgan County, Hancock County, McDonough County, Scott County, Schuyler County, Greene County,  and Cass County Health Department nurses give each baby a new board book during newborn visits, family home visits, and office visits. During the Ages and Stages Screening, nurses share the importance of talking with and reading to baby.

Volunteer readers share a new book with children and their parents visiting the Adams County Health Department WIC offices. They also read with the little ones and give parents tips about reading with babies and toddlers.

Congratulations to the parents, who have increased their amount of reading. The percent of parents reading five or more days a week has doubled!

There is more. . .

Quincy Medical Group physicians give a book to every six month old, nine month old, one-year-old, eighteen month old and two-year-old patient during well-child visits. In addition, the physicians offer a bookmark with information from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Books Build Connections Toolkit. The providers also share information about the Daily Vroom App.

And more, really…

Physicians at SIU Medical Clinic share the power of reading and give families a new children’s book at each and every well-child visit from 6-months-old until kindergarten. They use the American Academy of Pediatric’s Books Build Connections Toolkit to help  build Ready Families with Ready Kindergarteners! Kudos to our partner,  SIU, and to ADM for providing the grant dollars to SIU.

And that’s not all…

Quincy Public Library initiated “The Little Read” to pair with “The Big Read.” Watch for news in the Fall about this year’s book.

and a new partner…growing and growing….

Parents in the Level II nursery at Blessed Beginnings now read a book to their baby to help participate in Baby’s care and so Baby will hear their love and their voice.

Hang on, there’s more. . .

Nurses at Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville tell parents about reading from the start and each new baby gets a beautiful new book.

These parents, nurses and doctors have the power to shape the future!