Who We Are

Ready.Set.Grow. is an organization designed to teach parents and caregivers how to build their children’s brains in the first five years of life. These changes better prepare children to be successful in school and give them the skills to be successful in life.

Why is this important?

Did you know that when babies babble, make faces, cry and gesture they are trying to talk to us? When we talk back and forth with babies we are helping their brains grow, scientists know that the interaction literally shapes the architecture of the developing brain. By age 2, babies who are spoken with often are already six months ahead in vocabulary.

In the fall of 2021, Quincy Early Childhood & Family Center assessed three-year-olds entering their program.

  • 51% were below age level in their literacy skills. These skills include identifying letters and letter-sound correspondence.
  • 46% were below age level in their language skills.
  • 53% were below age level in their math skills.