Why Read Daily

The majority of Illinois parents of children age birth to five read to their children every day.

The majority of Adams County parents of children age birth to five read to their children at least 5 days a week.*

Fun, connect, snuggle!

Picture your child snuggling on your lap as you share a book. You can make it happen. Take five minutes a couple of times a day to enjoy a book with your child. Your child will love the special time with you and develop a love of reading.  We deserve it and so do our children. We have the power to shape our children’s futures!

Reading in the preschool years indicates later school success.

Shared parent-child book reading from birth to kindergarten leads to higher reading achievement in elementary school and greater enthusiasm for reading and learning. New research shows the more we read to our children birth to kindergarten, the more it builds the brain for reading in school later.

Children who are read to regularly have larger vocabularies, learn about the topics in the books, know more letters, and can decode more words. The number of words they young children understand indicates later school success that lasts as long as 11th grade. Children who have been read with often are less likely to fall behind in school.

Child Trend DataBank

*United Way Parent Survey 2014